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Insurance Agents! We Understand the Importance of Quality Leads!

Good leads are the energy that fuels your sales. As an agent, you need high quality, real-time leads to keep your business moving. We understand the importance of good leads – whether your product is Term or Whole Life, Long Term Care, 401K Rollover, Annuities or the senior market.

We here at Insured Life of Georgia have worked as insurance agents ourselves. We’ve been in your place, we’ve walked in your shoes, and we understand importance of FREE leads and marketing support and that’s what we provide. We know that you don’t want to waste your time on cold calling when you could be making sales and closing deals.

Leads provided through our online lead services program are among the best in the industry. Each lead is pre-qualified. Each lead is a potential sale within your own ZIP code area or a ZIP code area where you sell. Each lead is someone who has expressed interest in buying your product!

OUR AVERAGE PRODUCER RUNS A MINIMUM OF 17-25 PRE SETS A WEEK. The average closing ratio is 60%.

Don’t make one more cold call –

In addition to free leads we offer

Continuous Support from a Staff of Sales Experts
Even after you are established in your career, Insured Life of Georgia offers ongoing work shops and programs to improve your knowledge of the business. Full time management personnel and professional trainers are there for your support in each of our local offices. We think it’s a wise investment in your future — and ours.

Unlimited Income Potential
When you become a sales agent, you have the ability to set your own pace and establish your own income objectives. As a Insured Life of Georgia agent, you are the master of your career path

Comprehensive Sales Training Program
At Insured Life of Georgia, we take your sales training seriously. Even if you don’t have previous experience in selling, our multi-dimensional training program can point you to success. We’ll also keep you informed about the most sophisticated computer equipment and software packages.

Full Range of Products and Services
With the variety of insurance and financial products offered by Insured Life of Georgia and its subsidiaries, you’ll be able to help your clients meet any number of insurance and financial goals. To give you the competitive edge, we’re constantly developing new products that satisfy the changing needs of our clients.

Opportunities in Management
With several offices within key markets in Georgia there are no limits with Insured Life of Georgia. After serving as a sales agent for at least two years, you may even qualify to enter management.  A Insured Life of Georgia agent has more career choices than you can imagine.

It’s an opportunity to be in business for yourself — but never by yourself.


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