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Whole Life Insurance…without paying out of pocket premiums.

Introducing an Insurance policy that immediately maximizes your legacy to loved ones

Single payment whole life insurance is coverage you buy with just one payment, and protection lasts the rest of your life. When you purchase this type of policy, your single payment immediately increases in resulting in a death benefit that’s larger than the original payment. Because the resulting death benefit passes income tax-free this type of policy is a good match for people who want to transfer wealth.

A Single Premium Whole Life Insurance policy is best for…

  • Clients who want to pay their life insurance policy in full, all at once, without the worry of additional premiums.
  • Clients who have money set aside, maybe in CD’s or Annuities, which they hope to one day pass on to loved ones or favorite charity.
  • Clients who would like to increase the amount of money the pass on to loved ones, and to transfer it efficiently and tax free.
  • Clients who want to purchase paid up life insurance policies for their children or grandchildren. (Minimum investment $2,500)

How it works:

A 65 year-old female making a single payment of $50,000 will have an immediate tax free death benefit of $102,105.

A 65 year-old male making a single payment of $50,000 will have an immediate death tax free benefit of $91,110.

Also Clients have access to up to 80% of death benefit in the event of permanent nursing home confinement or a qualifying terminal illness.

The policy provides the following benefits:

  • Single premium payment ($5,000 minimum premium – no maximum )
  • Immediate provide a much larger legacy for heirs.
  • A lifetime guaranteed death benefit that passes to loved ones tax-free and probate-free
  • Withdrawals are available
  • Policy will never be cancelled
  • Receive up to 80% of the death benefit for:
    • Terminal illness
    • Nursing home confinement
    • Home Health Care / Adult Day Care / Other Qualified care

Take a look at the growth advantage a Single Premium Whole life policy offers. Compared to fixed investments like annuities, 401.k, IRA’s or CD’s which need time to grow. You can immediately increase the amount you will leave to your beneficiaries thanks to tax-deferred growth and a tax-free death benefit.

Take the easy first step towards securing your financial future and request a Single Premium Whole Life Insurance policy rate quote now online or schedule a phone consultation.